The ANGUS CHIANG AW2019 series guest gifts Fruit Platter Chopsticks Holder, created by Hsian-Jung Chen, features a variety of fruits and vegetables on a rectangular chopsticks holder with simplified geometric imagery, making itself a scene of wonder on the dining table. As an extension of the design of gifts and cloth bouquets at the show, The Fruit Shop X ANGUS CHIANG has also created a series of five pottery pieces (Orchard #1,2,3, Radish Harvesting, and Fruit Plate), which playfully incorporates the display of everyday fruits and vegetables, transforming the imagery into common household items.

Hsian-Jung Chen is a ceramic artist living and working in Taipei. His pottery creation project The Fruit Shop was started in 2014. The inspirations he found, combined with imagery extracted from everyday fruits and vegetables, were incorporated into his pottery creations. His works also reflect post-modern design thinking. The original "functionality” is deliberately erased or distorted, challenging people's usual, linear thinking process, providing one with the opportunity to reassess the relationship between the objects and oneself.

Photo by LiFu Jia


『Seesaw』, another important facility in AC PARK, is a spiritual symbol of ANGUS CHIANG's co-creation with different brands and artists. The image of the seesaw conveys balance, interaction and harmony. There must be loads on both sides before this facility can be activated. In the process of up-and-down communication and interaction, it’s as if the two sides are shaking each other's uniqueness through the balance principle of the seesaw, and then fusing together. That’s how ANGUS CHIANG and his/her artworks emerged.