Hsian Jung Chen is a ceramist based in Taipei. He first created The Fruit Shop as a ceramic project in 2014. He draws inspiration from fruits and vegetables, simplifying their appearance and reinterprets the imagination into his work. Being a self-taught ceramist, Chen’s artwork often goes beyond what is traditionally perceived as beauty of ceramics. He playfully integrates contemporary graphic elements into his work that features vivid colors, geometric shapes, and fluid lines.

Continuing the collaboration with Hsian Jung Chen from the AW19 collection, Chen further designed three ceramic artworks, entitled ‘Pulling Carrots’, ‘Fruit Slot Game’ and ‘Orchard’. Inspired by his daily observation in traditional market, Chen transformed the inspirations into simple shapes while keeping its function as a vessel. The colorway such as orange of tangerine, yellow of lemon, pink of peach were also appeared in the contrast patterns in AW19 collection, adding a playful touch and impression to the design. Through his unique aesthetics and vision, this collaboration complements the story we want to convey in this season.