In 2018, ANGUS CHIANG reinvented his brand based on a “park” and launched a number of different projects during this repositioning period. In the summer of 2020,following the theme of park facilities, 《TheSwingProject》 was launched with the motto, 「Sure, it may not be difficult to swing high and well on a swing set, but if they're given a push at the beginning, maybe everything will be different!」 With five years of experience in building this brand, and with the spirit of the motto in mind, he selected and invited three next-generation artists and designers to the first Summer Reunion of the project, to “play on the swings” together.

Under the principle of respecting artists’ creativity, 《The Swing Project》 helps them explore new sales channels, provide guidance in event planning, and bring forth support in product promotion. The project aims to assist the brands to accumulate positive energy. Not only does the project pave the way for new artistic creators to better marketing development, but also provides platforms such as online stores and social media for sales and event promotion.

Collage Artist Aqua Kawayiyi @allergic_zoeyiyi
She is known for her daily photoshoots and mischievous collage art, her unique personal style. Under the theme of 『LoveCity』,she released a zine and DVD bundle with her strong personal style and her own narration,special stickers, a dual-use tote bag, as well as three inkjet and hand-printed T-shirts. The six products interpreted the seemingly insignificant love stories taking place in a big city like Taipei.

Visual Artist Pei-Yu Huang HAPPY @peiyuuuue
With the brand concept of exploring happiness and joy, the brand HAPPY launched its classic photo booth frames, which convey soft emotions through paintings and jello-like transparent materials. Under the theme 『Memory City』, she launched six Polaroid photo frames at this “reunion party”, in the hope of providing a beautiful space for everyone to store memories and serve as a reminder for every happy moment.

Accessories Designer Amamberber Yang @melted.potato
Her brand 「mEltEd potato」 launched the collection 『Angus Beef and Potato Stew』, which consisted of two projects with six metallic accessories in total. One of the 「limited-edition projects」 was a collaboration with animation artist Zhong Xian. The other one, a 「vase project」, transforms accessories into portable vases so that people can bring wildflowers with them, everywhere they go.

Photo by Aqua Kawayiyi, HAPPY, Amamberber Yang
Graphic by LiFu Jia


『The Swing』is one of the facilities located in the 'AC PARK ' — an art initiative project from ANGUS CHIANG. To discover and encourage emerging artists and talents, we offer a platform to support and introduce the artworks to the public. We further provide technical suggestions and insights to help the creatives develop their own career and brands.