The Umbro x ANGUS CHIANG collection spans across the soccer field to the very edge of the sidelines. This collaboration features unique designs distinguished by visual aspects seen in the sports arena including the scoreboard, stadium advertisements, sponsor banners, and written slogans. In addition to incorporating the logos of both partners, the Our Game collection also introduces a new logo combining letters from both brands to form "ACUM." The font used carries hints of street art, sending off fashionable, refreshing, and raring-to-go vibes.

The collection's palette is inspired by the soccer field—the green playing field, the brown dirt on the field's perimeter, the black and white ever-spinning ball, the striking contrast of the blue sky, and the gold of victory. Each color was carefully designed into the 13 products in the collection, which includes casual tops, hoodies, light-weight shorts, elastic joggers, drawstring jackets, casual patchwork hats, football backpacks, and shoes with a 3D goalkeeper glove design. The collection is also marked by many combinations of designs and textures unique to soccer like straps displaying the slogans like those seen on arena billboards. Overall, the bold style of the collection makes a clear statement that ACUM is fearlessly charging ahead both on and off the field.

Our time, our drive, our challenge

Keep it ALL Real.

Photo by Run
Art Direction by RUN, Honey3
Producer Iris
Hair Stylist Neil
MakeUp by 吴侃

Special Thanks
SuperELLE China


『Seesaw』, another important facility in AC PARK, is a spiritual symbol of ANGUS CHIANG's co-creation with different brands and artists. The image of the seesaw conveys balance, interaction and harmony. There must be loads on both sides before this facility can be activated. In the process of up-and-down communication and interaction, it’s as if the two sides are shaking each other's uniqueness through the balance principle of the seesaw, and then fusing together. That’s how ANGUS CHIANG and his/her artworks emerged.