Reebok is an American-inspired global brand with a deep heritage in fitness. Everyone who wears Reebok pursues not only a single fashion trend, but also a distinctive style. Through distinctive brand ambassadors, including the queen of hip-hop Cardi B and the most talented singer-songwriter Khalid. They all represent Reebok's spirit of innovation and continuation of classics. ANGUS CHIANG teamed up with Reebok to continue the first shoe model ZIG KINETICA and then create the latest series. In addition to integrate the new series colors of RGB three primary colors-blue, green and red into the upper, leather and corduroy were used. Fabrics such as velvet and canvas were used as well as the layered matching of the upper, creating a new ZIG KINETICA CONCEPT_TYPE_2 with a new ANGUS CHIANG vision.


『Seesaw』, another important facility in AC PARK, is a spiritual symbol of ANGUS CHIANG's co-creation with different brands and artists. The image of the seesaw conveys balance, interaction and harmony. There must be loads on both sides before this facility can be activated. In the process of up-and-down communication and interaction, it’s as if the two sides are shaking each other's uniqueness through the balance principle of the seesaw, and then fusing together. That’s how ANGUS CHIANG and his/her artworks emerged.