As new ways of life gradually emerge, SPORTZ X ANGUS CHIANG "Let's Make Your Workout Mode 'On'" promotes being proactive in a time when activities came to a halt in 2021. No matter where we are and how the world goes on—SPORTZ NEVER STOPS—the spirit and will of exercising and working out should have no limits.

 Utilizing Power through Design to Encourage and Help More People

The "Action Bag" promoted in collaboration with SPORTZ was inspired by "Let's Make Your Workout Mode 'On'", which combined the visions of SPORTZ and Mr. Smile by ANGUS CHIANG. The idea came from extending the visuals associated with track fields and infused a great amount of anthropomorphic sports contours to showcase the diversity of sports via the details. Through fun, lively, and saturated colors, the concept of "even as the world changes, our passion for sports shall not change" is thus manifested.

 A total of four practical sports products were jointly-launched—Action Bag, Action T-Shirt, Action Knitted Water Bottle Cover, and Action Hourglass. Each design brings an Angus-style ingenuity. Take the Action Bag as an example, it is combined with a necessary item during our present day—a face mask. The crease lines of a mask echo the track field with a touch of jolliness; the size is also enlarged to allow it to be used as an everyday practical accessory. In the "Let's Make Your Workout Mode 'On'" event launched by SPORTZ—"Let's Move It and be Ready For Action", people can participate in the「three-minute planking」hourglass challenge and share it on social media. The event aims to encourage and help everyone get up and move with joy, infusing them with a spirit of not giving up until the end.


『Seesaw』, another important facility in AC PARK, is a spiritual symbol of ANGUS CHIANG's co-creation with different brands and artists. The image of the seesaw conveys balance, interaction and harmony. There must be loads on both sides before this facility can be activated. In the process of up-and-down communication and interaction, it’s as if the two sides are shaking each other's uniqueness through the balance principle of the seesaw, and then fusing together. That’s how ANGUS CHIANG and his/her artworks emerged.