ANGUS CHIANG SS19 invited Master Chiu Jui-Chin to recreate his traditional landscape paintings on utility boxes for the spring/summer collection to be presented at the Paris Fashion Week. In October of the same year, at the opening event of Shanghai Fashion Week TUBE Showroom, Master Chiu traveled to Shanghai and gave life and color to the plain white installation art model. Through strokes of color, he simulated the beautiful scenery of blue skies, white clouds, and magnificent mountains—immersing the audience in a beautiful fusion of art and nature.

Chiu Jui-Chin has 50 years of experience in creating film posters, mural painting, oil painting, wall painting, and utility box painting. He was invited to Switzerland by the curator of the Bern Historical Museum to paint the famous Matterhorn on a local utility box. Currently, he is active in mural painting and art creation for scenic spots in major cities throughout Taiwan.

Photo by LiFu Jia


『Seesaw』, another important facility in AC PARK, is a spiritual symbol of ANGUS CHIANG's co-creation with different brands and artists. The image of the seesaw conveys balance, interaction and harmony. There must be loads on both sides before this facility can be activated. In the process of up-and-down communication and interaction, it’s as if the two sides are shaking each other's uniqueness through the balance principle of the seesaw, and then fusing together. That’s how ANGUS CHIANG and his/her artworks emerged.