Ogilvy, together with ANGUS CHIANG and Condé Nast Taiwan, launched「PROJECT UNI-FORM」 with an aim of initiating a conversation with generation Z about the feeling of being outliers. 「The uniforms」 that high school students are required to wear every day can serve as a medium to voice opinions. The project conceived the world's first gender-neutral uniform, responding to the tolerance and openness recently displayed by Taiwan's young community towards diverse social issues, and interpreting the concept of mutual empathy and respect towards others’ choices.

Banqiao Senior High School students launched the 「Kilt-ical Mass campaign」 in May of 2019, breaking the stereotype of “boys wear pants; girls wear skirts” and drawing attention from home and abroad. This brave action became the inspiration for this project. Building on the standard everyday wear of middle school students, ANGUS CHIANG has created a series of 11 uniforms that break gender stereotypes. In order to shatter the gender norms that had been ingrained in school uniform designs and to give single items infinite variations and styling potential, 「a drawstring」 design was integrated into the uniforms, providing the wearer with the freedom to alternate between their preferred styles of dress. Through the design progress, the idea was interpreted and realized as articles of clothing, created in hope that, with voiced support, an improvement can be seen within society, and people will eventually be able to live with confidence and positivity.


One of the world's largest integrated marketing communications companies, currently part of the WPP Group. Ogilvy creates brand value and business growth by providing professional services that include branding strategy, advertising, customer outreach and commerce, public relations and influence, digital community, digital transformation, and consultation.


Headquartered in New York City, the Condé Nast Group owns a number of well-known publications, including VOGUE, GQ, WIRED, Conde Nast Traveler, New Yorker, and Vanity Fair, among others.

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Ogilvy Chief Creative Officer
Giant Kung

Ogilvy Team
Dora Tsao, Harper Chuang, Zelda Chuang, Ria Chien, Grace Chien, Tung Wang, Alice Lin, Shao Shao, Shaoan Wang, Casper Ho, Tony Yang, Boga Hong, Zoe Chuang, Sylvia Chang, Sharney Chiang, Liping Shih, Hilary You, Irene Chao, Freya Chen, Jen Jen, Fupei Wang, Milly Lin, Candy Wang, Cathy Peng, Tina Lien, Jane Huang, Jeffrey Wu, Cyan Weng, Dorthan Pan, RingeCH Chen

Zhong Lin

AC Team 
Angus Chiang, Chia-Wei Lin, LiFu Jia, Chih-Wei Tsai, Hsiang-Yi Hu


ANGUS CHIANG 『SANDCASTLE PROJECT』is a demonstration of the powers of "cohesion" and "mutual assistance." To build a solid sandcastle that has rich background stories, teamwork is a necessity. Each and every one of us is like a small grain of sand that was given a different mission to shine in different parts of the Earth, each doing our own role. Project aims to call out and unite the strength of individuals, so that thousands of grains of sand, each glimmering in their own way, can take practical actions to unconditionally help more people in need. Together, we”ll be able to build a huge, dazzling sandcastle of hope.