Project Imagination 2019 by FRANZ X ANGUS CHIANG

Since its founding in 2001, Franz Collection, a fine porcelain brand, has long been solicitous about the cultivation of scientific, cultural, and artistic talent in Taiwan. Project Imagine, a public assistance program that focuses on art and cultural proposals, was launched in 2012 due to Franz Collection's concerns about the disparity between urban and rural areas in society. In 2019, the project, with the motto the power of imagination makes us infinite, emphasized the idea that imagination provides children with unlimited power to bravely pursue their dreams. In 2019, ANGUS CHIANG established a charity partnership with the project and served as its art director, joining forces with partners to promote academic education in rural areas in Taiwan, expand local children's horizons, as well as inspire their imagination towards the future. The project is based on three elements: Happiness, Courage, and Imagination. Through ingenious composition and curvilinear changes, the combinations of the circle, star, and square shapes, and the iconic colors of the project—red, yellow, and blue—bounce from the ground and shoot up into the air. Among them, the Blue circle symbolizes the optimism, self-confidence, and unlimited creativity of children in the future; the Red star symbolizes enthusiasm and the courage to challenge oneself; the Yellow square represents vivacity, imagination, integrity, the ability to take the initiative to care for the disadvantaged, and the courage to lend a helping hand to those in need. The project aims to realize the concept of this cooperative program through actual interactions with children at rural schools, spreading its belief that every child deserves a platform to realize their dreams.

About Franz Collection Inc., Project Imagination

"All children are artists" by Pablo Picasso
The Project Imagination is convinced that every child is an angel with a gift, coming to the world with an imaginative heart, letting us discover the infinite possibilities of the world. We hope to accompany, support and encourage these little angels so that they can explore as much as they like. Project Imagination funds proposals focusing on culture, art design and related fields, combining the spirit of "love, care and sharing". We gather school teachers and groups with aesthetic expertise to be the "incubator of imagination" for children through educational face-to-face interaction. Together, in all areas of Taiwan, we spread the power of aesthetics to help children sprout their seeds of art.

Franz Collection Inc., Project Imagination Team
Emi Lee, Gehry Huang

AC Team
Angus Chiang, Chia-Wei Lin, Shin Yi Huang, LiFu Jia, Chih-Wei Tsai


ANGUS CHIANG 『SANDCASTLE PROJECT』is a demonstration of the powers of "cohesion" and "mutual assistance." To build a solid sandcastle that has rich background stories, teamwork is a necessity. Each and every one of us is like a small grain of sand that was given a different mission to shine in different parts of the Earth, each doing our own role. Project aims to call out and unite the strength of individuals, so that thousands of grains of sand, each glimmering in their own way, can take practical actions to unconditionally help more people in need. Together, we”ll be able to build a huge, dazzling sandcastle of hope.