《ME》 is a reflection of authenticity.
"I remember browsing through the Paris Fabric Show and finding myself uncontrollably drawn to the display of annual trends among the hundreds of booths on site. In the midst of my bewilderment, a piece of fabric named "me" captured my attention. But isn't it nothing more than leather dyed a cool silver metallic? Why does it have a name?
Upon taking a closer look at the piece of leather shining with a metallic sheen, everything suddenly made sense: in it, I see a reflection of myself; yes, it's me."

Inspired by the aesthetics of Taiwanese films, the ANGUS CHIANG AW2021 special collection is a film narrative that amalgamates the brand's history from the past 9 seasons and key elements of style. Beginning with the brand's establishment in 2015, all the moments of laughter, tears, exhilaration, struggle, opportunity, frustration and absurdity are melded into a teen road move entitled《ME》filmed using collage techniques and fantasy visuals, presenting the audience with an intricate but humorous storyline that portrays the truest of feelings and sensations. In the film, key elements of style from each one of ANGUS CHIANG's past seasonal collections are extracted to form the scenery along the way. A-Li, the protagonist of the film, symbolizes the spiritual leader of the brand leading his entourage on a trip full of challenges that must be overcome so that the gang learns to believe, to dare, and to persist in achieving the impossible. Apart from the building of trust between the travel mates, the film also signifies the seeking and finding of the self worthy of believing in through faith and endurance.

This 10th seasonal collection debuting at Paris Fashion Week, as an important milestone for the designer, takes place in a style never before seen in previous collections with novel runway presentation, palette, and tone from silhouette to fabric choice and color. Using subdued hues, sharp-cut details and simple but bold silhouettes, the designer created a red carpet fit for the A-listers, and invited the immensely talented actress-artist Kristy Chu to host the event and give bilingual introductions to the cast and crew. Immediately following the premier of 《ME》, the first-ever film to be directed by ANGUS CHIANG, the spotlight moves to a live broadcast of Paris Fashion Week in celebration of this wonderful collab between film and fashion.

《ME》production team and dazzling cast
The film marks ANGUS CHIANG's first-ever crossover into the film industry as director and costume designer working in collaboration with the award-winning production team led by Lee Lieh. Members of the team include co-producer Roger Huang, line producer Wu Chi-Yu, executive director Huang Mei-Ching, director of photography Chou Yi-Hsien, visual effects director Tomi Kuo, sound designer Kuo Li-Chi, production designer Liao Huei-li, editor Wong Ching-Po and many other renowned film professionals who have dared to foray into the unknown world of a pioneering collab between film and fashion.

The cast features several rising stars with infinite potential and who have been nominated for most promising newcomer at the Golden Horse and Golden Bell awards, including Tseng Jing-Hua, Liu Hsiu-Fu, Lee Kuan-Yi, Xie Zhang-Ying, Zhan Wan-Ru, and Tsai Yi-Chen as well as top-tier artists Yin Wei-Min and Ado Kaliting Pacidal with a special guest appearance by Ma Nien-Hsien.



『PUBLIC PROJECT』 is an art initiative towards public and community conceived by ANGUS CHIANG. The project aims to stimulate the creative thinking amidst the public by crafting a space that encourages participant to engage and connect to art and aesthetics in life. By collaborating with local museums, art spaces and events, the project brings closer the relationship between art and people, opens up more possibilities through interactive and playful design.