Overlooking the geological patterns and natural ecology in the East Rift Valley, embraced by the two mountain ranges, the plants and flowers I consider may not be true flowers after all, but the “window grilles” known to us since childhood. The Taiwanese vintage object – Window Grilles – as the soul for departure.

The brand abbreviation, AC, is taken for the continuous patterns in four directions to play with the classical window grille pattern of begonia such is the visionary flower in the eyes of ANGUS CHIANG.

From the famous white clouds, blue sky, mountains, streams, and the ocean of tawny daylily in the East Rift Valley, two colors that gave birth to the landscape are extracted – sky blue and golden orange, fused and transformed into the most distinctive saturated hues of ANGUS CHIANG.

The contours of clothing capture the landscapes of streams, valley, waterfalls, hot springs, alluvial fans, faults born from the three drainage systems. With the interwoven style of wool embroidery, combined with glass beads and acrylic engraving, in such a diversified landscape, the futuristic flower germinates and grows.

Source 草字頭、Plan b
Photography 簡子鑫、James Hsu

Textile and Pattern Design | Zoe Huang
Graphic and Animation Design | Li Fu-Jia
Communication | Ariel Hu


『PUBLIC PROJECT』 is an art initiative towards public and community conceived by ANGUS CHIANG. The project aims to stimulate the creative thinking amidst the public by crafting a space that encourages participant to engage and connect to art and aesthetics in life. By collaborating with local museums, art spaces and events, the project brings closer the relationship between art and people, opens up more possibilities through interactive and playful design.