KONG-KE MUSEUM X ANGUS CHIANG 「Construction Workers Ongoing」Inspired by construction sites in Taiwan, this project presents its spirit in the most straightforward way possible, presenting the unique culture of the working class in Taiwan. The ubiquitous construction sites across the cities have a direct correlation to the continuous advancement of urban areas. These unique, chaotic, and bizarre landscapes have become curatorial elements for the exhibition. The main focus of the exhibition is construction site culture. Construction sites are akin to temporary moving fortresses, their exterior walls and fences partitioning them from the outside world. Large-scale advertisements, sign spinners, protest banners, and the graffiti wall that pedestrians see while passing by are the embodiment of the everyday life at construction sites, as well as various social movements that exist beyond its walls. This design explores the drastic differences between the two sides of the wall. Colorful protest banners of various complaints, grievances, and straightforward demands can be seen everywhere in the outside world. The other side of the wall seems dispassionate by comparison.

However, there is in fact overwhelming helplessness, heartache, and suffering hidden underneath. The exhibition aims to emphasize the importance of respecting the voices of people who work hard to survive, aim to live a simple life, or strive for a brighter future.

About CMP Block Museum

The CMP Block Museum aims to be a “living museum” in which there are no boundaries between art and its consumers. Therefore, visitors to the Block Museum of Arts themselves become an important part of the exhibition. All the creations on display here are approachable and interactive. Its uniqueness has attracted many business and charity activities, which have turned it into a creative market on holidays. Due to the huge number of people who visit here, there has also been an increase in the number of coffee shops nearby. We recommend you pick a fancy restaurant in the CMP department store, and pay a visit to the many unusual stores in the building. Then grab a coffee and stroll around the Block Museum in the sunshine.

The CMP Group upholds a humanistic spirit and the idea to pay back to society as a corporate citizen. In 2010, it founded the CMP Pujen Foundation for Arts and Culture, hoping to bring creativity into daily life, explore local cultural vitality, and create a platform for communities across the city.

Graphic design by Angus, Gaga Lin
Photo by Ren


『PUBLIC PROJECT』 is an art initiative towards public and community conceived by ANGUS CHIANG. The project aims to stimulate the creative thinking amidst the public by crafting a space that encourages participant to engage and connect to art and aesthetics in life. By collaborating with local museums, art spaces and events, the project brings closer the relationship between art and people, opens up more possibilities through interactive and playful design.