Concept of the Exhibition

Inspired by the ANGUS CHIANG AW21 series 『and ACtion!』, the designs are based on the world of films. The inspiration came from the visuals and mindsets encountered daily by the teams behind the production of films, and the designs are extensions of this inspiration. Materials such as the conversion symbols on camera props and equipment as well as special color markings on clapperboards were added and used in the exhibition.

Meanwhile, concept videos of the AW21 series are replayed on a loop at the entrance of the exhibition. Slideshows of photos of animated color blocks are shown on a long screen as a start. Outside the venue, full-print glass stickers are placed all over the glass panels, creating a colorful large-scale event advertisement. Furthermore, the art installations were machine tufted, with odd-sized lengthy and square series of woolen carpets spread out in various areas. The upper frames of large mirrors have hollowed woolen carpets on them; this is not just for displaying the installations but also serve as fitting mirrors and check-in locations. In addition, symbolic images and colors of the series are used on woolen carpets fitted on long chairs in the exhibition, allowing the people who rest on the theme to feel the myriad changes in the world of films.

MEIMEI-THE EDITION is an aesthetic lifestyle space that is centered around fashion and is an integration of installation art, fashion culture, cafeteria by day and bar by night.The manager, Meimei, is a pioneer in China's buyer shops and has more than 20 years of experience as a fashion buyer. Her eponymous store, MEIMEI, is the physical manifestation of her fashion concepts and showcases Meimei's unique sensitivity and insight regarding fashion. In June 2021, MEIMEI-THE EDITION moved from the center of fashion trends, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu, to an independent glass structure on the Jiaozi financial streets. MEIMEI-THE EDITION wanted to bring forth more surprises and anticipations to everyone regarding fashion and aesthetics.


『PUBLIC PROJECT』 is an art initiative towards public and community conceived by ANGUS CHIANG. The project aims to stimulate the creative thinking amidst the public by crafting a space that encourages participant to engage and connect to art and aesthetics in life. By collaborating with local museums, art spaces and events, the project brings closer the relationship between art and people, opens up more possibilities through interactive and playful design.