「I Love You, Mommy!」 ANGUS CHIANG Mother's Day Project
The flower that completely represents Mother's Day - carnations. A day to show love and appreciation - the perfect time to buy flowers for your mom or yourself as a mother.

The project offers three“seed bags”, 「No.1 - FullBloomT-shirt」, 「No.2 - Let Your Beauty Blossom Charm」, and 「No. 3 - Petal to the Store Bag」. The flowers on each of them can be attached/detached with metal clasps according to mom’s liking. The limited-edition 「Honey 3 Mother Seedling Bags」 perfectly exhibits the playfulness of the entire product line: with enlarged plant seed bags as outer packagings and vibrant flowers blooming on the product.

ANGUS CHIANG randomly selected one of the six real flower seedlings to be included in the Mother's Day limited edition package. A holiday card as a gift card for Mother's Day was also included, inspired by seed packages often found in flower markets.


Design by Gaga Lin
Photo by Gaga Lin
Graphic by LiFu Jia


『HOLIDAY PROJECT』is a special project conceived by ANGUS CHIANG in the theme of various global holidays. The project reviews the holidays on a distinctive angle and launched limited objects and accessories inspired by the subject. Infusing the whimsical, humorous and colourful inspirations from ANGUS CHIANG, the project is giving a fresh fantasy and imagination of the holidays.