This special project for the Dragon Boat Festival is inspired by a popular activity nationwide—buying lottery tickets and scratchers. The imagery of super-balls, lottery cards, and the red envelopes for lottery slips are all incorporated into the design of the Dragon Boat Festival collection. Making use of the “funnyness” of Baozong, the 「Honey 3 Baozong Lottery Store」 was thus created. Three limited-edition "Good Luck Baozong T-shirts" were released, bundled up with three lucky pins and a scratch gift card. Beyond eating rice dumplings and watching the dragon boat race, this collection encourages interactions at family reunions during the festival and brings endless good luck your way.


Design by LiFu Jia
Photo by Gaga Lin
Graphic by LiFu Jia


『HOLIDAY PROJECT』is a special project conceived by ANGUS CHIANG in the theme of various global holidays. The project reviews the holidays on a distinctive angle and launched limited objects and accessories inspired by the subject. Infusing the whimsical, humorous and colourful inspirations from ANGUS CHIANG, the project is giving a fresh fantasy and imagination of the holidays.