Continuing the collaboration with SuperELLE for Earth Day in 2020, this year, the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, the collaboration further explored and proposed the concept of 「Go Plastic Free for Earth」. In addition, with a central theme of environmental protection, the public welfare project 「Live on Earth, Save the Planet Together」 was launched and collaboration was created with Hydro Flask, an American eco-friendly water bottle brand distributed by Starlike. Both of these projects aim to raise awareness towards environmental protection and actively protect the environment we live in through everyday actions. In this public welfare project held on a holiday, the Golden Melody Awards Best Female Singer Abao, Golden Bell Award Best Newcomer Moon Lee, fashionista Gemma Ying-Jie Wu, talented actress Man-Shu Jian, and up-and-coming actor Tommi Wang have joined forces to emphasize the importance of waste sorting and environmental protection on social media platforms. They also called for more people to participate in the ANGUS CHIANG World Earth Day sandcastle project.

The Earth Day project also launched 「Plastic Reduction T-shirts」 (available in three colors), with a logo that combines AC Mr. Smile and the Earth in the front and redesigned eco-friendly logos on the back. This lively design aims to spread the idea through clothing and serve as a daily reminder to take action. Hydro Flask has also joined forces and worked on the collaboration 「Be a Little Giant for the Planet you Live On」. The colors of the bottles—white, yellow, and blue—share a cohesive color theme with the T-shirts. The release of the 10 water bottles corresponds strongly with the idea of reducing plastic consumption by encouraging you to bring your own water bottle wherever you go. 

Hydro Flask

A brand of water bottle owned by Helen of Troy Limited. Its trendiness has been credited to rising environmental and health consciousness as well as the quality and appearance of the water bottle.

<All proceeds from the sale of ANGUS CHIANG Earth Day Project merchandise was donated to The Society of Wilderness as an initiation of the World Day event and contribution to environmental protection>

Photo by Gaga Lin

AC Team |

Angus Chiang, Chia-Wei Lin, LiFu Jia, Hsiang-Yi Hu


『SANDCASTLE PROJECT』is a demonstration of the powers of "cohesion" and "mutual assistance." To build a solid sandcastle that has rich background stories, teamwork is a necessity. Each and every one of us is like a small grain of sand that was given a different mission to shine in different parts of the Earth, each doing our own role. Project aims to call out and unite the strength of individuals, so that thousands of grains of sand, each glimmering in their own way, can take practical actions to unconditionally help more people in need. Together, we”ll be able to build a huge, dazzling sandcastle of hope.