ANGUS CHIANG Children’s Day project Happy Kids, inspired by connect-the-dots picture books, transcends the limitations of its medium of paper and directly prints connect-the-dots games onto t-shirts. One could reminisce about childhood and freely customize what they would like to create on the t-shirt, including flowers, stars, or hearts.

Three sets of connect-the-dots patterned t-shirts have been released. They are bundled with Pentel's fabric crayons, for children and adults to together create a fun and wearable t-shirt while giving full play to their imagination. 

Design by LiFu Jia
Photo by Gaga Lin
Graphic by LiFu Jia


『HOLIDAY PROJECT』is a special project conceived by ANGUS CHIANG in the theme of various global holidays. The project reviews the holidays on a distinctive angle and launched limited objects and accessories inspired by the subject. Infusing the whimsical, humorous and colourful inspirations from ANGUS CHIANG, the project is giving a fresh fantasy and imagination of the holidays.