Music melody is ubiquitous in life – the alarm ringing in the morning, the song repeating time after time on the radio, and even the songs from various multi-media advertising.

When you are home after a long day at work, pressing the “Play” button on your favourite song to release a whole days stress and exhaustion. Music has became an indispensable nourishment for mind. From cover songs in the early years, to campus folk music in the 70s-80s, and then to the rise of super idols in the 90s, music has accompanied us growing up. Whether is romance, family, or friendship, every single word in the lyrics reflects memories of ones own. Music is a spiritual support when you lose someone, the comfort for your soul when you’re suffering from heartbreak, or it can simply be a shared moment of joy between friends. The feelings of each moment in each stage of life composes the exclusive “song of love” for each individual.