The 『 and ACtion! 』 collection of ANGUS CHIANG is inspired by the world of movies, in particular, by the cornerstone of any film production - the technical crew employed backstage. It is thus that this season's collection includes accessories worn by different members of the technical crew or even props and equipment that they need to use, from cameras, boompoles, microphones, sliders, tripods, and intercoms, to even peep boards and spikes. The palettes of the collection are mainly derived from the arrows across the top of the clapperboard, comprised of the colors white, red, blue, yellow, and green. Ubiquitous objects found in the film studio—sticky notes for classification, colored masking tapes of various sizes, numerical codes and in-built buttons of video production monitors, and other readily visible professional marks—are part of the designs on the clothing.

The winter collection is tightly related to the first short film directed by ANGUS CHIANG,《ME》. Embellishment with and use of stripes are a point of focus, derived from visual elements in the film. Different types of synthetic fibers such as elephant cord, Berber fleece, and sliver knit fabric are utilized to create more detailed, sumptuous, and varied textures. Denim pieces—a specialty of the brand—could not be left out. Images are arranged in the manner of a camera and woven directly into denim fabric on a Jacquard loom. Elements like the tubular shape of a camera lens or the outer form and the opening between sticks of the clapperboard are referenced for silhouette shapes and directly applied to transitions into pockets, in addition to machine embroidery.