Scientific and technological advancement transforms modern life. Without showing yourself, you can experience the sweetness of love and feeling of being respected. Likewise, you could also get hurt or be bullied by cruel languages.

Digitalization is about bilateral communication and, once becoming part of our life, might lead us to self-exploration, loss or self-abandonment. In modern days, we’re categorized by Hashtag with infinite access to information, to the extent that we all become extremely dramatic. We are obsessed with fragmented reading, turning ourselves into information. When your information gets tons of views and likes through sending, clicking and sharing, you will rise to fame. The untouchable yet visible virtual world is highly addictive, overwhelming you with joy both online and in real life.

With the rapid development of We Media, real currency or face-to-face communication is no longer needed in life. Nor is obsolete electronic media. Among all the new forms of existence, only the best will survive. In the time of survival of the fittest, are you still yourself?

ANGUS CHIANG 2020 Autumn Winter collections are designed around the theme of modern technology and it’ll be the 1st cross-industry collaboration with HTC. With the support of art teams from both Taipei and Paris, VR and AR will be used in this season’s show to combine both the real and virtual.

“VR” will be used to create a unique experience, telling a story about us being information that is only temporarily stored and could be deleted anytime. Wretch, WINDOWS95, PTT (the largest terminal-based bulletin board system based in Taiwan), Yahoo Kimo and CRT TVs are all histories but still alive in our memories. And today, people buried in memorial civilization can be stored in SD cards. With the help of HTC VIVE equipment, guests will be able to travel to the past, exploring the puzzle-like microworld. SD cards will trigger our memories about the past, guiding those living in our memories to travel through time and space to the “present”.

“AR” shall be used to present different designs of our collections through bitwise calculation of AngusReality APP design. By scanning AW20 markers appear on the clothes and in the show venue with their phones, people can reveal 2D and 3D imagery and access to many moments of behind-the-scene. Through blending memories as well as modern lifestyle and technology, ANGUS CHIANG's new collections come to life. Welcome to the wonderland of ANGUS CHIANG.

Stylist Tati Cotliar
Casting Director Emilie Astrom
Hair direction Chiao Chenet and Mr. Smith Team
Show Production Daniel Hettmann
Set Design Avoir
Photography Luca Tombolini
Videography Matthieu Lemaire-Courapied
AR Design DVTK
VR Project NAXS corp.
Powered by HTC & HTC VIVE
Collaborated with Reebok